The Buttercup Bag and Crafty Leaps!

Sorry for my blog slacking!  I was out of town this weekend visiting my sister, brother-in-law and their new addition, Amelia Rose in West Virginia.  I was so excited because I was going to finally be able to give Amelia the items I made for her a few weeks ago (discussed in “Crafting for Crib Midgets“) — the cutie booties and a changing pad that matches her previously gifted diaper bag.  In addition, I finished/made a few new things last week to also take her.  She’s just so cute!  I cannot stop crafting for her!  I hope she grows up to like handmade things — like them or not, she’s going to get a lot of them throughout her life.  You’re welcome, Amelia.  First up is a striped knit dress by Debbie Bliss that I’ve been working on since before Christmas (gasp!).  Have y’all been neglecting your knitting too this winter?  Stoopid warm weather.

Debbie Bliss Knit Dress

While the dress is super cute, I found the pattern less appealing than a root canal.  You knit the front, back, and cap sleeves separately and then you have to seam them all together at the end.  Not only do I hate seaming, and this was a lot of it, but in this pattern you also have to worry about matching the stripes.  If I ever make this pattern again, I am most definitely going to knit it in the round.  No woman should ever have to curse at a project that much.  I found the yarn for the dress at a cute little knitting store called Orchardside in Raphine, Virginia.  If you’re ever driving down I-81 South and you have a hankering for a quaint little yarn shop in the middle of nowhere, it’s the place for you!  I wish I’d gotten a picture of my niece in the dress this weekend.  But, when the time came she was fast asleep.  Ah well, It’s a little too big for her right now anyway.

The next item is a new bib (that corresponds with her new family nickname of “monkey”).  This bib is another pattern from the Amy Butler book “Little Stitches for Little Ones.”   I think this pattern is another winner.  I will say it again, this book is just solid.  Two thumbs up.

Lil' Monkey Bib

My conundrum this past week was what to make for my sister.  You see her birthday was also last week.  I needed the perfect gift.  Something that was sassy, cute, and had nothing to do with babies.  So, I looked through my sewing board on Pinterest and found the winner — the Buttercup Bag from Made by Rae .  The size small pattern for this purse is free on her website.  I knew that I had just the fabric for this lil’ baby!

Outdoor Home Dec in orangey-pink/turquoise & Lisette Little Mint Watercolor Floral

And, let me tell you this project is super fast and easy.  It took me about two hours, 45 minutes for cutting out the pattern &  fabric and then fusing the interfacing and fleece and a little over an hour to sew everything together.  Ta-dah!  Pretty cute for being so quick, eh?

The Buttercup Bag

If you are someone that likes a lot of organization in a bag (like me), this probably won’t be your everyday bag — at least the small size.  It’s basically just one big pouch, with one small pocket on the lining that _might_ be big enough to hold your keys, or your lipstick at the very least.  (Pay no attention to the pin in the bottom of the bag below.  I took this picture before hand stitching the little hole in the lining you use to turn everything right side out after sewing the lining and exterior together.)

Inside the Buttercup Bag

The only thing I changed, was that I inserted the strap between the lining and exterior as I stitched them together.  The pattern calls for you to add them after, but I didn’t want to see the ends as I looked into the purse.  Regardless, it’s a great pattern (Thanks Rae!) and a very smashing little purse.  I might just have to make one of these for myself, too!  You’re supposed to feed a handbag addiction, right?  So, in order to prove to you that I have to plans for any more blog slacking in the upcoming weeks, I thought I’d share with you, drumroll please…..

Jen’s Upcoming Projects (in no particular order):

1)  I’m going to try and create my own dress form — and not the duct tape variety!  Me and my professional seamstress friend, Caroline, have some ideas on how to make a better dress form that is still cheap, super functional, and fairly easy.  Post forthcoming!

2)  The Amy Butler Blossom Handbag from Sew Mama Sew.  I originally bought the fabric shown above for this bag.  But, I realized that I overbought (big surprise) — hence my sister’s bag in the same color scheme.  But, I finally got all the interfacing/stabilizer for this bag and I’m ready to begin!

Amy Butler Blossom Handbag

3)  Remember that really big, pink/grey variegated wool sweater that I found at the antique store?  This is what it will eventually be reincarnated as — Yeti.  Who doesn’t love a big, warm Yeti?  What do you think?  I love the braided detail on the front.  Hopefully, it will be the perfect wardrobe piece for transitioning from winter to spring.  Well, maybe not this year. Again I say, stoopid warm weather.

The Yeti Pullover from Ravelry

3)  Upholstery!  I found the chair below at a local thift store for $90. (Pay no attention to the dirtiness of my car.  I try not to!)  All it needs is a new bottom cushion and some new cushion covers.  So, I bought some more of the ginkgo fabric that I used for my sister’s diaper bag and now all I need to do is order  a new foam cushion for the bottom.   Saavy crafters, do any of you know the best place to purchase this?  Tips?

My new chair!

4)  The Sorbetto tank by Colette.  Since it is already beginning to feel like spring, I’m ready to carft like it’s spring.  I found an old, light orange & white vintage sheet at a thrift store that I really like.  So, I think I’ll use it for this project.  Have any of you made this pattern?  What, if any, embellishments did you use?  Ribbons, buttons, bias?  What should I do?  The possibilities are overwhelming!

The Sorbetto Tank by Colette

See?!?  I promise that I have a lot queued up for this blog in the weeks to come!  So keep reading.  Pretty please.  What crafty things will you be undertaking as spring is soon sprung upon us?  I’m always ready to add a few more to the queue….. 🙂