Jen’s Craft Queue

In progress:

These are projects that I have currently underway.  Shameful, I know.  Guess who has a little bit of the ADD?  I’m going to try and keep these to three.  Promise.  Where applicable, I’ve posted the fabrics/yarn being used beside them.

1) A spring linen overskirt by Burda Style:

Linen overshirt pattern from Burda

2) Katrine sweater (for me – maybe next year, as it’s freakishly warm now):

The Katrine Sweater by Quince & Co.

Quince & Co. Puffin in crocus

3)  Cookie Tin makeover (for my craft room organization):

Old 1970's Cookie Tin

Joel Dewberry from

4)  Party Lace Scarf

5)  Wiksten Tank

In Queue:

These are my upcoming projects (in no particular order).

1)  The Amy Butler Cosmo Bag:

The Cosmo Bag by Amy Butler

Robert Allen/Nautica Sand from

2)  Sleeveless linen shirt I saw on Pinerest:

Cute Linen Shirt from

3)  Rose Shirt by Melly Sews

Rose Shirt

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