Recipe Index


Blueberry Pie Pancakes

Cranberry Almond Granola

Graham Cinnamon Scones with Homemade Blueberry Butter

Homemade English Muffins with Poached Eggs, Arugula and Swiss Cheese

Lemon Blueberry Blintzes

Sweet & Savory Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake


Berger Cookies (Baltimore’s version of a Black& White)

Bourbon Bread Pudding

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Filling and Buttercream

Crazy Half-Marathon Carrot Cake

Ozark Pudding

Mini Blueberry Cobblers

Nanimo Bars

Oscar Statue Sugar Cookies

Main Dishes

Asian Inspired Flank Steak

Chicken Tikka Masala

Curried Chickpea Burgers with Home Fries

Homemade Tomato Sauce

Kale Pesto

Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Tomatillo Salsa

Tempeh Reuben

Vegetarian Navy Bean Soup

Zucchini Cakes With Tomatillo Salsa

Side Dishes

Garlicky Kale and Cherry Tomatoes

Garlic Sesame Kale

Italian Bread


Quinoa Salad with Pears, Cranberries, Spinach, and Almonds

Sour Cream and Onion Kale Chips

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